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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

You are now on the website of the NAJOX Company (hereinafter – the “Company” or its definition without the quote marks), which operates and runs the website www.najox.com (hereinafter – the “Site” or “Website” or their definitions without the quote marks). When speaking about the site, we mean all the websites, including any affiliated or partner websites, where these Terms of Use (hereinafter – the “Terms”, “Terms of Use”, or “Terms and Conditions”, or their definitions without the quote marks) are posted and are valid for. The definition of the Company may include such parts of it, legal and natural, as shareholders, partners, affiliates, directors, officers, subsidiaries, employees, agents, suppliers, third party information providers, licensors, licensees, distributors, and/or contractors.
The website includes the games, associated content, virtual and another environment, downloadable and user-posted content, apps, and software suitable for tabletop and hand-carried devices that may be used to access the site. Every user of the site by entering this site shall agree to use it according to these Terms; otherwise, a user has to leave the site immediately. By accepting these Terms, a user agrees that he or she completely read them, understands them, agrees to everything stated in them, and shall comply with everything contained therein. These Terms refer to the company’s Privacy Policy, which is an integrated part of the Terms.
Terms and every part of it, including the integrated Privacy Policy, may change at times, at the discretion of the Company. No prior or following notice about the update or amendment of the Terms is published or given by the company anyhow. If a user wishes to stay up-to-date with the changes to these Terms, he or she shall visit this page and read the Terms on their own. Continuing to use the site after any changes to the Terms took power means automatic acceptance of all changes and the usage of the revised version of the Terms as they are given. If a user disagrees with the Terms fully or partially, he or she has to leave the website immediately and stop using any and all of its services.

Usage of the website
Every user agrees to use this site only for personal entertainment, according to the purposes allowed by the law and not to do any of the following:
• Upload on the website and transmit through it any information that is illegal, obscene, harassing, contains hatred of any kind, defamatory, indecent, or anyhow objectionable, or which infringes any copyright
• Use the website to do any legal violations or infringements by the law of any country or jurisdiction
• Read, write, modify, delete, or otherwise interfere with any workflow of information and lettering, which is not intended for you or created by you
• Make your own judgments on any information about affiliation or association of a person or legal entity connected to this website or the Company
• Use the website to advertise or popularize any business or other website on the Internet
• Restrict or make it harder for anyone to use this website
• Upload any information or files that may lead to damage of work or workflows on this site for the Company or other site users, including any viruses, corrupt data, or malware
• Collect any information about the Company or users of the website without their prior written consent
• Upload and post spam messages, letters, or other content of this kind
• Distribute any information that would interfere with contractual obligations of the Company
• Exchange, provide, transmit, publish, solicit any information that would contain user data, including any personal or financial information, or source code of the website or any of its parts and affiliated parties, information about the Company or any of its partners, without the prior written consent of the Company
• Abuse, harass, phish, or stalk any user of the website or infringe with their pastime on the website
• Harm website’s users anyhow.

Every user of the website agrees to follow any possible codes of conduct described for this website, if any, and do not interfere with them, as well as with any policy or another document of the website that describes user behavior on the website.
Any user that says or writes its opinion by a message, letter, blog, chatroom, board, or another public means of self-expressing bears the sole responsibility for the content and nature of such expression or thought and this does not reflect in any matter or anyhow the opinion or thoughts of the Company or any of its affiliated parties. Thus, the company shall not carry any responsibility in the connection to user self-expression and opinion expression. Any user shall understand that he or she bears sole responsibility for the expression of the opinion or thoughts and bears full responsibility for any possible consequences of his or her actions, including the consequences for the infringement of other requirements of these Terms: legal, administrative, financial, criminal, business, or civil.
When a user uploads any file or information to the website, he or she guarantees that this information is legally produced by a user, completely and solely belongs only to him or her, and does not violate or infringe any copyright or other rights of anyone, and can be distributed freely. User also guarantees that he or she has the full and unlimited right to post and distribute the content and guarantees its legality, reliability & ownership, which are not infringed or revocable, and are royalty-free and act throughout the entire world. The company is free to use, distribute, duplicate, display, give, send, change, publish such user content in any manner it chooses after this content was published by a user on the website.
A user shall not use, exploit, duplicate, distribute, change, or otherwise use any part of the website’s content for commercial or marketing purposes without a written consent given by the Company for such actions.
Any part of the website shall be used by users only for the purpose of personal entertainment. A user cannot collect any information from this website, including virtual items, pre-paid cards, or the virtual currency of the site for any other purpose that differs from the purpose of personal entertainment.
A company reserves the right (but this does not assume any responsibility of the company to do so) to remove/delete any information and files on the website that were uploaded or posted by users that infringe the copyright, the laws of any country or jurisdiction, without any prior notice or consent of those users who posted or uploaded such files or information.
The company reserves the right to record any user communication and to terminate access right to the website or any part therein to any of its users.
The company does not bear any responsibility for any user-generated content, including files, messages, and posts but reserves the right to delete it if there will be such necessity or requests from any owners of the copyright to delete such content. The company may also require the deletion of the content from a user who posted it. The company also reserves the right to undertake any necessary actions to protect its rights & obligations, rights and obligations of its users, business partners, or affiliates, as well as for the sake of preserving personal and public safety and morals.

Privacy protection and protection of personal information
Privacy Policy, which is an inherent part of these Terms, describes everything connected to the privacy protection and protection of personal information.

Downloads of information to user devices
Users may choose to download any information from the website to their devices, tabletop, or hand-carried. The Company may not guarantee that any such downloadable information, including apps, is fully or partially compatible with any user device, including updates of such information. The company reserves the right (but is not obliged to) to provide updates for the information to make it compatible with user devices.

Charges of data
When a user accesses any part of the website or connected information or services, he or she may bear expenses connected to receiving access to such information paid to any third parties, for instance, to an Internet provider of a user for the usage of the Internet. A user agrees that it is his or her sole responsibility to bear any charges and payments to any third parties connected to receiving access to the website or any of its parts, products, or services.

Usage of content and copyright restrictions
The company and/or its partners have the full ownership, copyright, or license-ship of information contained on the website and/or any of its affiliate sites (including video, text, audio, graphical content, processes, design, systems, marks, and other elements therein). These rights are protected by Ukrainian and other national and international rights and they regard trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, know-how, and the rest of connected information and rights. A user is given the right to use any of the mentioned solely and exclusively for his or her personal amusement and entertainment, according to the roles assigned to users by a website. A user cannot and shall refrain from copying, modification, getting illegal access, deletion, altering, transmission, distribution, republishing any part of the website or a website in its completeness without the prior written consent of the Company and/or owners of authorship or legal rights. A user is allowed to store information on RAM and hard drive of a user device for the purpose of technical and technological work of the website on the user device according to the normal functionality of the website, including cashed data and information, such as cookies, as well as a user can print copies of site’s pages on paper using a printing device, without any possible modifications done on the website’s pages before printing them. During the usage, storage, or printing of any content and part of the website, no intellectual, legal, financial, or any other rights are transferred to a user from the Company.

Software and downloading
When a user downloads any information, data, or apps from the website, he or she receives the usage license for such information, data, or apps. A user can only use the information, data, or apps for self-entertainment and may not transfer these to any other third party, a natural person or a legal entity. A user cannot open the source code of the downloaded information, data, or apps, as well as modify, compile, decompile, change, alter, archive, get from the archive, adapt, assemble, disassemble, or anyhow otherwise change and/or distribute or exchange any part of the information, data, or apps downloaded from the website or otherwise received from the Company. A company has the right to revoke the rights to use any part of downloaded information, data, or apps by a user with or without the prior user notice or consent. When any revocation occurs, a user is obliged to return to the company any part or information, data, or apps in full (or immediately delete them if returning is not possible technically and/or technologically).
If there is any license, restrictions of use, disclaimers, or warranties made for such information, data, or apps that infringe with these Terms, then the provisions of the license, restrictions of use, disclaimers, or warranties shall prevail.

Access to the website
A user shall not use any automatic or mechanical device or software to access the website (including script, spider, robot, process, or any type of software or hardware means), as well as a user cannot use any of the named to monitor the website, processes on it or any of its parts, including any authorized or unauthorized access or action, as well as the one(s) that would interfere or would attempt to interfere with the site’s normal functioning or increase the workload on the website’s normal functioning and/or company’s infrastructure. It is also prohibited to use any of the named to refresh or reload pages, make any transactions or visiting links and opening other pages of the website or affiliated websites, which would make it more often than once per 5 seconds.

The company and/or its business partners/affiliates/contractors/connected parties/licensors own the trademarks of the website, connected, and associated information, such as logotypes, names, products, services, business processes, design, service names, company names, slogans, software, hardware, brands, marks, and identifiers, unless specifically specified in written. The company may use any of the named that belong to other owners and third parties and companies when fulfilling its work, according to the agreements between the company and such owners and third parties.

Liability of the company and its connected parties
The company and any of its connected parties do not bear any liability for any piece of information located on the website and any of its affiliated websites, which means that users use this website at their own risk and discretion. The company and any of its connected parties place all information on the website as is, may not and will not bear responsibility or be responsible for any damages caused by the usage or non-usage of the site or any of its parts, or connected to its existence, action, or nature, including under-received or not received profits of users, including any possible broken contracts or agreements users might have with any other third party in connection to the website or any of its parts or functions, including any direct or indirect damages of any nature borne by anyone, and it does not provide any type of warranty, guaranty, expressed or implied, for anything located therein, independently of sums, volumes, or natures of information, losses, or processes.

Interaction with users
A user may have a connection with any other user of the site, including informational and opinion exchange, disputes, disagreements, claims, interaction, communication, or anything other. The company and any of its associated parties are not a part of the connection between or among users of the website, and cannot be responsible for any aspect of their connection, positive or negative. Any issues that require resolving between or among users shall be resolved by users themselves. A company may be asked by any user to serve as a mediator in resolving the issues of connection but is not obliged to become so or guarantee anything in connection to user connections. The company may decide to be a mediator, showing a gesture of good faith and will, not because it was obliged to. A company, acting or not acting as a mediator, cannot be responsible for any claims, demands, damages, or disputes’ outcomes between or among users or for anything arising from those or connected to those.

A user frees the company, any and all its partners and/or affiliates from paying for any damages, expenses, liabilities, fares, costs, fines, fees, or royalties arising from the user’s use of the website and/or infringement of the site’s usage rules, requirements, demands, limitations, liabilities, restrictions, allowances, or terms in a part or as a whole, including usage or not-usage of any information, data, or software located or retrieved from the website.

Submissions & comments
When a user leaves any comment on the website, this comment immediately becomes intellectual property of the company, and the user agrees to irrevocably transfer all rights to the comment to the company at the moment of submitting the comment. The company is free to further use the comment in its business and intellectual activity, modify it, transfer, publish, delete, alter, archive, extract from the archive, make derived works from it, license, sublicense, and use otherwise. The usage of the comment is made on a royalty-free basis (the company does not pay anyone for the comment’s usage and/or owning it in any form).

Links to other websites
The website may contain links to other websites located on the Internet, connected or not connected to the website. Users are free to use the links to visit them. The company does not bear any responsibility for the content placed on those websites, the links to which are on the website, and shall not bear responsibility for any possible harm, damage, profits, or losses borne by users of the website because of their visit of those websites. All users visiting links to other websites do it at their own discretion and risk, fully understanding and bearing all possible losses, damages, profits, or harms that may arise from such visiting, as well as doing any actions on those websites, such as purchasing any products or services, make donations and payments, transfers, registrations, provision of any user or non-user data to those websites, and doing any other possible actions or participating in any processes or activities on such sites. A company, its affiliates, partners, contractors, licensees, licensors, or any other partners will not and cannot bear any responsibility for any actions of any of their users made on any other websites other than the Website, including financial, social, legal, civil, or procedural.
The Company may limit, terminate, stop, halt, or change access to the Website to any of its users according to the DMCA or any other legislation if it believes that a user has infringed one or more provisions of these Terms. Such actions are made at the sole discretion of the Company without any prior notice or warning to a user.
The Company also encourages everyone to contact the Company if they know about possible or factual infringement occasions of these Terms, Privacy Policy, intellectual rights, copyrights, laws of any country connected to the usage of this website, or any other policy of the Company and/or this website by anyone.

Applicable legislation
The applicable legislation of the website and the company is the legislation of Ukraine except for the cases, which must be exclusively governed by the international laws and provisions.

Every user agrees to comply with all the requirements and provisions of these Terms, which shall control and regulate the entire user activity connected to the website’s usage. Only this document is applied to regulate and control all user activity connected to the website’s usage; no other document or oral communication shall take effect on the regulation and control after the user agrees to comply with these Terms when using the website. If any other regulations were in effect prior to the user’s consent to comply with these Terms, such regulations lose their effect after the user gives their consent to comply with these Terms.
If a user has any complaint, offer, proposition, or another type of voice about their usage of the website under these Terms, a user can contact the Company to inform about such. If any of these are about some specific provision of these Terms, they must be informed to the Company within one month after the change of such a provision, otherwise, they will not be considered by the Company.
A user agrees fully and irrevocably that if a user did any infringement of any provision of these Terms, which caused injury, damages, or losses to the Company legally, financially, socially, functionally, or civilly, the Company has the right to file against this user a legal, official, civil, or financial complaint, case, request, or deal, in accordance to any applicable law, to compensate for the injury, damages, or losses. In such a case, Ukrainian law will be applied. The undertaken measures by the Company shall be adequate to compensate for the injury, damages, or losses and any associated expenses, including expenses for attorneys, legal proceedings, court payments, and any associated payments.
If any part of these Terms will be recognized by some court inapplicable or permeating some law, this does not enforce the entire Terms to lose their power. The company reserves the right to change, alter, amend, replace, or delete any provision of the Terms, which was acknowledged inapplicable or permeating some law, to reinforce it. If the company fails to insist on obeying these Terms or complying with them fully or partially related to any user of the website, it does not mean that the Terms waive or lose their power and effect for the rest of the users.
The company acknowledges that if any user was given the license to use any part of the website’s content, it shall survive the change, alteration, or amendment of these Terms, including their replacement with other Terms or their version, if such survival will not be directly stopped, halt, waived, or changed by these updates/changes/amendments/alterations/replacements.


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