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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

The NAJOX Company (hereinafter – the “Company” or its definition without the quote marks, which definition may include such parts of it, legal and natural, as shareholders, partners, affiliates, directors, officers, subsidiaries, employees, agents, suppliers, third party information providers, licensors, licensees, distributors, and/or contractors), which operates the website www.najox.com (hereinafter – the “Site” or “Website” or their definitions without the quote marks), creates, distributes, and otherwise uses cookie files (hereinafter, “cookies”) to maintain the correct and robust operation of the website.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small portions of information, each of which is packed as a file, which is automatically created by the website and downloaded to the device of a user during the website’s usage. Cookies have various terms of life, from several seconds to tens of years, and this term may or may not be rigidly defined during the cookie’s creation.
The need for cookies is because they help track the history of user actions on the site, allowing the smooth, correct, and uninterrupted functioning of the website in whole and its parts, such as webpages, web forms, buttons, checkpoints, login, and others. It is stored on a hard drive of a device and the website addresses the saved cookie files each time a user visits the site and some of its pages. Different cookies are responsible for different things, for instance, remembering the login + password of a user for this website on this device, previously visited pages, advertising preferences, relevant offers of the website’s services or products, user settings of the website, and other things.
Cookies send information to the website’s engine to make it operate, which allows reaching a high degree of personification of the website’s operation for every particular user. What’s important to understand is that cookie usage is safe and cookies may not be used to deliver harm or viruses to the user’s device. However, a user may not give his or her consent to the usage of cookies, which they are asked for in the website’s interface upon the first entrance to the website (and the informational message with the request to accept or decline cookies will be shown to every particular user for as long as he or she specifically presses the button of agreeing or disagreeing).
If you would like to know more about cookies, then you can visit the website allaboutcookies.org.

What cookies the website uses
The website uses specific categories of cookies, which are defined below.
1. Strictly necessary cookies
They are necessary to make it possible for a user to navigate the website, making it possible for a website to remember a particular user through all its pages that a user opens during one session of cookies’ life. The cookies usually have rigidly defined names, such as _ga* or _utm*. These particular cookies are related to web analytics, particularly, Google Analytics.
2. Functional cookies
These are necessary in order to remember the personal choices of a user, such as fulfilling and sending forms, selecting language, making the search, country location, webpage orientation in a device, and so on. Once defined, the settings are applied each time a user enters the website without the need to redefine once-defined preferences. This eases the website’s usage and navigation. Deleting this type of cookies makes it impossible to navigate with previously set preferences during the next visit.
3. Statistical cookies
The site gathers information about the number of visitors on the website, their geolocations, operating systems, screen resolutions, time of view of every page, the number of pages viewed per 1 session, time of visits, possible errors arising during the visit, and others. These stats are required by the Company in order to analyze the site’s efficiency, structure it, and improve it in the future.
4. Advertising cookies
The website tends to improve the personification of advertising shown to users on the webpages of the website so as to offer only those pieces of advertising, which match the interests of users to the utmost extent. Advertising cookies are able to estimate the effectiveness of shown ads, improve their show, and limit the number of the same ads shown to improve the satisfaction of each user. Such cookies may be placed on the user device not only by the website itself but also by third parties, which operate with their advertising on the website, such as advertising networks, data exchanges, market analysts, advertisers, and other marketing participants and providers.
Such cookies will collect your navigational, advertising, and informational activity across the device and across all the devices connected through the same account of Google, Apple, Samsung, or Microsoft to form-up, tune-up, and improve the show of commercials in their various forms: textual, banner, video, audio, image, and mixed. Such cookies never identify you personally, only defining your advertising preferences and search results. This can result in much more potentially interesting adverts for every user not only on this website but also across other websites a user visits.
5. Other cookies
The nature of some cookies may not always be defined due to the fact that our website connects to many third-party websites and services during the process of normal functioning, each of which may deliver its own types of cookies. If you think that some cookies placed on your device are superfluous or suspicious, you can always contact us.

Types of cookies
I. Session cookies. These are only valid from the beginning to the end of the session on the website on a particular user device. They help track the changes and settings, which the user makes during the session. They are created with the start of the session and automatically deleted once the session is over, or when a browser is closed, or when a device is rebooted. Some cookies of this kind may be defined by websites, including our website, to live longer than the said above points in time, which can span for weeks, months, or years.
II. Tracker cookies. These cookies are always long-living, from months to tens of years. They save the preferences of web users to help use them in the next visit of a user to the website, which makes it possible for a user to quicker receive the site’s interface personification without re-setting. This may result in the absence of the need to log in again or change the site’s language. After the expiry date, these cookies are deleted automatically if a user does not visit the website that has created them.
III. First-party cookies. These cookies are created by the website and are only read by it. They help maintain the user preferences on this particular site.
IV. Third-party cookies. They are created by third-party websites and can be read by such third-party sites when a user enters the website, to which third-party websites have access in the issue of cookie reading. These are typically analytical cookies and they are anonymous. Some third-party cookies can be read by the first-party website.
V. Flash cookies. These cookies are no longer created by websites but still supported and read – they were created when Flash technology was alive and active. It is not alive anymore since the start of 2021. Commonly such cookies defined the videos and animation show to users, as well as gaming and other entertainment or gambling content, which was created using the Flash technology. It allowed remembering the progress of a user, for instance, a gaming level, actual balance, and other variables, if any.

Enabling and disabling cookies
Every user of our website and other websites can enable or disable cookies on particular websites or in general during web browsing. When doing so on some sites, a user accepts or declines the usage of cookies by opting for one of two buttons of the informational message appearing to every visitor of the website who did not do that yet.
When doing the second (managing cookies of the Internet in general), a user has to go to the web browser settings and change them, which will affect the websites’ browsing process in its entirety, overriding access rights of all websites about the cookies’ usage (including those already visited if they are subject to overriding after the changes were done that shall override them).
If a user disallows cookies from sending to the hard drive of the device, the correct functioning of the website is not guaranteed and in many cases, it will stop functioning well.
A user can delete all previously received cookies or some parts of them by cleaning the cookies’ cache in the web browser. In this case, after re-visiting the website, all adjustments, settings, and fulfillment of the login procedure will have to be made again.
If you have any further questions regarding cookies, please contact us


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